Month: October 2023

Lumen – BEAM for the browser

Code size than typical BEAM languages. Execution speed unknown so far. Opportunities: No hot code loading -> Optimization possibilities, space saving (dead code elimination), ongoing discussions: native code generation, NX style, LLM models. Offline mode: There is a lot of potential. BEAM’s selling point: How batte-tested it is. 30 years of production world stuff. Firefly’s […]

dev books

programming golang / cpp / c# / delphi / pascal / php /’s game of life  The Art of WebAssembly: Build Secure, Portable, High-Performance ApplicationsBattagline, Rick Common LISP: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation (Dover Books on Engineering)Touretzky, David S. JavaScript: Richtig gut programmieren lernenVon der ersten Codezeile bis zum eigenen ProjektHaverbeke, Marijn Developing Web Components with TypeScript: Native Web Development Using […]