John Carmack @ Lex Fridman: Best programming setup and IDE

About Vim, Visual Studio, Emacs, etc.

Looks like big companys like Google and Meta are hostile on debuggers and IDEs. It may come from a Linux bias.

“A debugger is how you get a view into a system that’s is too complicated to understand.”

“You have to do experiments on the system. And doing that by adding log statements, recompiling and rerunning it, is an incredible inefficient way of doing it.”

“IDEs are one of those things you want to be infinitely fast. You want them to just kind of immediately respond (…) He still uses Visual Studio 6. And on a modern computer everything is just absolutely instant on something like that, because it was made to work on a compter that is 10.000 or a 100.000 times slower, so that just everything happens immediately. And all the modern systems feel so crafty, oh why is this refreshing the screen and moving around and updating over here, and something blinks down there and you should update this . There are things that we have lost with that incredible flexibility but lots of people get tons of value from it. And I am super happy that…”


GDB: The GNU Project Debugger

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