Lumen – BEAM for the browser

Code size than typical BEAM languages.

Execution speed unknown so far.

Opportunities: No hot code loading -> Optimization possibilities, space saving (dead code elimination), ongoing discussions: native code generation, NX style, LLM models.

Offline mode: There is a lot of potential.

BEAM’s selling point: How batte-tested it is. 30 years of production world stuff.

Firefly’s selling point: Augmented extend in Web apps and IoT.

Compilers etc… Spinning in wheels…. ordering problem… smaller pieces… iterate…
“I never knew where I was in terms of the total progress.”

We have been looking for a product owner for the R&D department and it have been struggle because most managers that have traditional product manager training are a fit here because sometimes you have to try something else on the way. (…) It’s a nightmare, it’s impossible. And your most managers want: Well, let’s come up with estimations, let’s hold your feet to the fire*. That’s not the way software development can go. There has to be an allowence on experimentation, allowence on trial…

No clear answers sometimes…

* Pressure someone to consent to or undertake something.

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