VR/AR/XR examples in the browser

Working in Apple Vision Pro (3/2024)

3D Image, Athens – 360 image viewing

Back to the Future – DeLorean at the church, only beaming around.

WebXR Dragging – Look at things and move it with your hand

AFRAME Examples – the only example which shows some interesting stuff is “Hand Tracking”. The others don’t really work or are meaningless.

Working but not fully functional or simply boring:

TINO – working but boring

ion 3D Engine – you can enter, but than nothing to interact with, or did I not understand?

ion SPACES – you can enter, but interaction concepts not good.

WebXR Particles – works but boring. – should work.
But I haven’t found the VR entry for AVP. If you found it, please tell dash!

FrameVR example: – Demos – still to be tested:

Spatial Fusion

Vanveer Original Custom

Above Par-adowski WebXR Mini-Golf

Project Flowerbed

XR Dinosaurs

Hello WebXR

Caste Builder

Dead Secret Circle Web



Not working with Apple Vision Pro (3/2024)

Echt krass:
All Three.js Examples in section “WebXR” don’t start: “VR not supported”.

Matanze (three.js) – Problems with navigation

three.js Examples – all show “no device”

Portal – Does not work, because AVP does not support AR in the browser
( )

FBM space

Fake Vision OS – – seems to be not an XR experience itself – only fake visionOS.

Babylon.js Community Demos – Haven’t found a VR example here

Bybylon.js – Featured demos:
Not immersive experience.
Nothing to see.
Noting to see here.
Not in the web. Its an VisionOS App now.
Not found 404!