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Developer shortage

Developers sometimes overcomplicate things Modern software is sometimes more complicated than it used to be, but often developers choose to make software more complicated, because of fashion more than because it really needs to be. Train new Recruits! Make your Org a Great Place to Work! “Good organizations actively train the juniors who join them, […]

Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate makes you crazy?

I found an article that discusses the rise of NoSQL databases challenging relational databases in the 21st century. The article criticizes the centralization of databases in software architecture, highlighting the importance of prioritizing use cases over specific database technologies or frameworks. The narrative follows the author’s perspective on the evolution of the software industry, expressing […]

Lumen – BEAM for the browser

Code size than typical BEAM languages. Execution speed unknown so far. Opportunities: No hot code loading -> Optimization possibilities, space saving (dead code elimination), ongoing discussions: native code generation, NX style, LLM models. Offline mode: There is a lot of potential. BEAM’s selling point: How batte-tested it is. 30 years of production world stuff. Firefly’s […]

dev books

programming golang / cpp / c# / delphi / pascal / php /’s game of life  The Art of WebAssembly: Build Secure, Portable, High-Performance ApplicationsBattagline, Rick Common LISP: A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation (Dover Books on Engineering)Touretzky, David S. JavaScript: Richtig gut programmieren lernenVon der ersten Codezeile bis zum eigenen ProjektHaverbeke, Marijn Developing Web Components with TypeScript: Native Web Development Using […]

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