Billion dollar mistake – null reference and types

(Video from 2009: “Null References The Billion Dollar Mistake”) History Programs in the days were written in machine code. The positive things was, that you could exactly analyze and diagnose, why things go wrong. Designing the language Principle 1: The result of a programmer’s mistake in the code should be predictable by looking at the […]

EU: €1.8 billion fine on Apple

The European Commission has imposed a €1.8 billion fine on Apple for abusing its dominant market position through its App Store by restricting app developers from informing users about alternative and cheaper music subscription services. This decision is based on Apple’s practice of requiring the sales of subscriptions within apps downloaded from its App Store […]

Be careful with GitHub repositories!

The Israel and US-based security firm Apiiro has extensively reported on a malware distribution scheme observed over several months, involving compromised clone repositories on GitHub. At its peak, this scheme resulted in the creation of 100,000 infected repositories on the popular coding platform, growing so rapidly that GitHub struggled to remove them promptly. The method […]

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